"This review is for Dr. Romana Schmidt who will be starting her chiro position at this location shortly. I suffered from chronic shoulder and neck tension, along with chronic tension headaches almost every single day. I sought different kinds of treatment without success until I read online reviews for Romana. I tried treatment from her the first time at her Toronto office and immediately felt so much better. After multiple follow up treatments, I have been able to increase my days without headaches or shoulder/neck tension. She has worked wonders with me and I was a complete mess to start off with. She is genuinely caring and is just so amazing and what she does."

Chiropractic Review - Melanie

"I saw Dr. Ashley Kowalski for a weight loss issue that I've been working on since 2003 and for which I had seen two M.D.s. who specialize in weight management. She made a diagnosis for one of my problematic eating patterns, which the M.D.s had missed. She then combined this with a diagnosis I already had for a sleep issue, and provided solutions to combat the two problems at the same time. Previously, I had worked on one issue at a time and always failed. So it was the holistic, naturopathic approach, using logic, that worked. All my symptoms have improved, some greatly, and I'm fairly sure I am losing weight, though it's still early to know for sure. I'll let you know in a couple of months."

Naturopathy Review - Rob

"I’m a runner and signed up for a very hilly race in Newfoundland this fall. Consequently, over the course of 10 weeks leading up to the event, I was putting in a lot of time doing hill work and long runs in the Gatineau Hills. I’ve been a runner for a long time and haven’t had Achilles pain since the early months, but when my calves seized up to the point of causing pain with every step on every run, I knew it was time to do something. Miraculously, the run following my first massage treatment with Mike was almost pain-free and on subsequent treatments Mike found other hot spots that were contributing to the problem. My race went exceedingly well, and my ability to dominate Signal Hill in St John’s was due in no small part to Mike’s skill as a practitioner.

Other big pro’s with Restore: the online booking system is convenient and easy, I am able to cancel and re-book online without hassle, and the clinic has convenient hours.

I found Restore through the purchase of a massage treatment with Mike at a charity silent auction. Skilled practitioners AND philanthropic – THANK YOU Restore for keeping me healthy AND for your support to the community."

Massage Therapy Review - Kate

"I've been a customer of Mike's for almost a year now, and I have nothing but good things to say about him. His technique is incredible, leaving me feeling totally refreshed and recharged. His knowledge of anatomy and passion for his craft means he can identify problem muscle groups I didn't even know I had, and tell me exactly how I went about hurting them. His bedside manner is wonderful, filling each session with jokes and anecdotes, and his taste in music can't be beat - a huge step up from the boring meditation soundtrack you may be used to. If you're a fan of massage therapy, it's time for you to visit Mike McGinnes, and see what you've been missing!"

Massage Therapy Review - Clay

"After battling with chronic lower back pain for over two years and trying every kind of treatment except massage, I was referred to Mike. After my initial treatment I felt almost instant pain relief (which continued throughout the week that followed this first appointment), but I was skeptical as to how long it would be before my original pain returned. Following my second treatment I noticed a tremendous difference in my ability to spend time sitting and standing without extreme pain. Although I continue to aggravate my lower back due to unavoidable work requirements (that find me sitting for far too many hours each day) I am able to manage this with only slight irritation thanks to Mike’s ability to ease what had been continuous, and at times debilitating, discomfort. My original pain has not returned and the stress associated with chronic discomfort has dissipated significantly. As I continue with treatment I expect to experience further improvements and look forward to Mike’s skillful and focused massages that have worked miracles for me!"

Massage Therapy Review - Louisa

"A big thank you to chiropractor Dr. Jared Gerston who has been helping to reduce my lower back pain and stiffness over the last few weeks.  His total approach to my back issues are not simply adjustments, but includes some massage, stretching and daily exercises which help to strengthen my back.  I am seeing great results and would recommend this knowledgeable and skilled chiropractor to others."

         Chiropractic Review - Rita

"Finding a good RMT has been a difficult task for me in the past.  I have a repetitive stress injury that I've had treated by multiple other RMT’s without any lasting improvement in terms of pain relief.  I stumbled upon Mike a few months ago, and continue to return for treatment every two weeks now, as this is the first time I am seeing such incredible results from massage.  I have over 200 hours training in yoga therapeutics, and was very impressed with Mike's knowledge and application of his own training.  Referred pain can sometimes be difficult to trace back, but Mike has excellent insight into this, which shows in his treatments.  My general health, mind and body have dramatically improved since I started treatments with Mike.  I highly recommend his treatments.”  

         Massage Therapy Review - Stephanie

"I went to see Jared at Restore while 4 months pregnant and suffering from lower back and sciatic nerve pain. Jared was able to help me with my pain immediately and had me managing my pain with amazing exercises. In addition to being pregnant, I did crossfit a couple of times a week, which also contributed to tight muscles and a sore back. Having Jared work on my issues, I was so extremely impressed at how well he helped my tight muscles and sore back that I ensured chiropractic, and also massage, at Restore was part of my monthly routine. Thanks, Restore!”

         Chiropractic Review - Salomeh

"I feel very fortunate to have come across this fantastic clinic that provides a variety of services. There is a wealth of knowledge here and Dr. Jared Gerston is extremely attentive to get to the root of the problem. I went for the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) and also received treatment for my sore knees. It's an extremely positive and caring environment where your issues are assessed thoroughly. If you want to regain your strength, improve mobility and demolish pain this is the place for you. I highly recommend it! "   

          Chiropractic Review - Alexandra

"I am a 63 year old man who first tried the Restore Clinic in May of 2013 because it was close to where I live.  At this point, I have had 6 MT treatments with Mike McGinnes.   I have since experienced improved fluidity in my walking, an increased range of motion in my arms/shoulders as well as a significant decrease in general neck and shoulder muscle tension for several days after each treatment.

As someone who has been a client of a number of RMTs over the past decade both here in Ottawa and in The U.S., I can honestly say that Mike is quite simply the best therapist in my experience.  He is an attentive listener who tailors his approach to the individual needs
and wishes of the client.  Not only is Mike a first rate practitioner of his craft, he is an intelligent young man with a professional demeanour – and as an added bonus, a good conversationalist.

The Restore Clinic is a clean comfortable facility that I would recommend without reservation to anyone who might wish to avail her/himself of its services. It has become a regular and valued part of my personal programme of health promotion & maintenance."

         Massage Therapy Review

"Great experience at the clinic last week for a massage. The treatment room was comfortable, great light and nice music (thank you for no splashing waves or tweeting birds on a loop). My neck pain is gone, which is great since it usually takes repeated visits to get rid of. Will be back!"

         Massage Therapy Review - Mike

"I had just moved to another part of town and got out of my routine of exercises, stretches and cardio. My back became spasmic over a few days to the point that I was kind of stuck. In one session with Jared I was back to 70%. He gave me 3 key exercises to do. Three tune-up sessions later and back on my routine, all is well. Thanks Jared!

          Chiropractic Review - Rob

"Thank you Dr. Gerston!  After being in pain for 20 years, and trying massage, chiro, physio, you name it, I have no pain in my back, almost no noise in my clicky shoulders, and a real sense of wellbeing.  Many thanks!"

          Chiropractic Review - Sheila

"Mike listened to my issues and treated them well. I felt he paid attention and didn't miss any important areas.  He treated areas of my body that many therapists miss like my pecs, neck and jaw.  He was thorough and I felt very comfortable.  The clinic has a great feel and Mike and Jared are obviously both passionate about what they do!"

         Massage Therapy Review

"The best massage I've had in a while!  Mike was very professional, attentionate and knew what he was doing. Thanks for that great experience!"

         Massage Therapy Review - Mylene C.

"Excellent massage from Mike!  And the recommended bath afterwards with epsom salts provided by Restore worked wonders!  Loved the ambiance of the waiting room and the herbal tea, very chic and relaxing."

         Massage Therapy Review

"Mike was really helpful and well-informed.  I received great customer service and would refer a friend."

         Massage Therapy Review

"Myself and husband are very happy and impressed with the care that Dr. Gerston provides.  He will go that extra mile to make sure you are as pain free as possible.  He helpd both of us this year and I have no problem recommending him as a great chiropractor to see."

          Chiropractic Review - Deanna

"Restore clinic was recommended to me by a family member who was getting great results with Dr. Jared Gerston.  She suggested I see Dr. Gerston to help with an old injury of my hand where I had discomfort, significant tissue buildup and limited movement.  Within a few sessions, my hand was feeling significantly better, and now I'm back to doing everything I could before and without pain. I'm impressed and also very thankful.  Besides being helpful with my injury, Dr. Gerston was helpful in accommodating my schedule." 

          Chiropractic Review - Liam

"Excellent first visit - clean and modern facility, convenient location, great massage! I will definitely return."

         Massage Therapy Review

"Wonderful, calming work area and super massage."

         Massage Therapy Review

"Mike was awesome. I would recommend this business to others. It was very clean and tidy. Mike asked questions about my preferences and got a sense of what I wanted before he started."

         Massage Therapy Review

"Well designed space - very welcoming. Personal, professional and service was excellent."

          Massage Therapy Review

"Dr. Gerston took the time to learn as much as possible about the source of my pain, and treated me not only through a chiropractic adjustment, but also massage, and stretching.  He created a plan for me to follow, and suggested a number of techniques for me to implement in my daily routine to help alleviate the pain.  Very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I am confident in Dr. Gerston's ability to address my issues.  Thank you!"

          Chiropractic Review - Szabolcs

"I left a message for an appointment.  I was called back in good time and got an appointment when I had a very sore neck.  Mike gave me the best massage to date."

          Massage Therapy Review

 "The best massage I've had in years! Mike listened to my needs and maintained the exact amount of pressure I was looking for. The next day I felt both relaxed and energized! The search for a great massage therapist is over, and I'll be sending my friends and family as well."

          Massage Therapy Review

"Great place, great RMT, will go back 110%."

          Massage Therapy Review

 "Excellent. Really professional."

          Massage Therapy Review

"Mon expérience à Restore était des plus plaisantes. Après un accueil chaleureux, le massothérapeute, Mike, a pris soin de bien cibler mes besoins et de bien comprendre la nature de ma visite. La session était autant relaxante que thérapeutique. Étant une personne très active et ayant eu plusieurs massage auparavant, je peux dire que c'était l’un des meilleurs que j'ai reçu. Mon mal de cou (tête) est partie et je sens un regain d'énergie. Je recommande Restore à quiconque, autant que ce soit dans un but thérapeutique ou de relaxation. Merci. P.S. N'oublier pas de prendre votre bain au sel d'epsom suite au massage! ;-)" 

"My experience at Restore was most enjoyable. After a warm welcome, the RMT, Mike, took the time to understand my needs and the nature of my visit. The session was both relaxing and therapeutic. Being a very active person and having had several massages before, I can say that it was one of the best I've received. The pain in my neck (head) is gone and I feel literally “restored”. I recommend Restore to anyone, as much for therapeutic reasons as relaxation. Thank you, P.S. Do not forget to wrap up your experience by taking your epsom salt bath after the massage! ;-)"

         Massage Therapy Review - Chantal

"Went to see Mike for a massage and it was awesome! I booked my wife in right away and referred him to anyone who will listen."

          Massage Therapy Review

"So clean and calming.  Very modern space, too.  Very good massage."

          Massage Therapy Review

"Great find in a great neighbourhood!  The staff were so nice!  Definitely going back!"

         Massage Therapy Review

"I am very happy at 7 months pregnant. I had been suffering with common pregnancy soreness in my hips and am pleased to report with treatments I feel like I can chase after my 1 1/2 year old as much as I want." 

          Chiropractic Review - Amanda