Notice of fee increase starting Monday July 20, 2015

It has been more than two years since our last rate increase. This increase is necessary to offset rising professional and business expenses, and ensures that we continue to provide the high standard of care to which you are accustomed. You will find that our rates are still very competitive in the current marketplace, and are still below those suggested by our professional organizations. As of MONDAY JULY 20, 2015 our rates will be:

INITIAL CHIROPRACTIC VISIT (1 HR.)                                                     $90
SUBSEQUENT CHIROPRACTIC VISIT (15 MIN.)                                    $44
EXTENDED CHIRORPRACTIC VISIT (30 MIN.)                                     $65
INITIAL PHYSIOTHERAPY VISIT (1 HR.)                                                  $90
SUBSEQUENT PHYSIOTHERAPY VISIT (30 MIN.)                                $65
MASSAGE THERAPY (30 MIN.)                                                                    $58
MASSAGE THERAPY (60 MIN.)                                                                    $95
MASSAGE THERAPY (90 MIN.)                                                                    $128
X-RAY READING                                                                                               $45