Ten reasons why getting a massage is so much better than taking a vacation

Ten Reasons Why Getting A Massage Is So Much Better Than Taking A Vacation

Blanche Fernandes, RMT

Bummed you didn’t get to take a vacation this winter? Having trouble taking time to schedule a getaway?

Consider these 10 reasons why getting a massage is so much better than taking a vacation:

  1. No big credit card bill to come home to.
  2. A massage only takes only a couple of hours out of your day and a short commute. No long flights to contend with.
  3. No packing or unpacking, just a couple of minutes to undress.
  4. You get to completely relax and stretch out on a table. No squeezing into tight uncomfortable seats.
  5. Your shoulders and back will feel delightfully relaxed and loose, they’ll love you for not having to haul luggage in & out of your vehicle, and through the airport.
  6. No mosquito bites, sunburn, tan lines or skin damage. Your skin will be wonderfully soothed & moisturized with oils used during your massage.
  7. No stress to plan, prepare or execute the details of a trip. You find yourself pleasantly able to lie back, close your eyes, and relax.
  8. After a massage you won’t feel like you “need a vacation from your vacation”, yet you’ll feel like you’ve just been on a 3 day vacation.
  9.  No hangovers, no layovers. You feel incredibly cared for.
  10. You get to feel blissfully relaxed, restored, refreshed & renewed.