Constipation & Osteopathy

Constipation & Osteopathy

Justine Gapihan, DOMP

Constipation is a digestive issue widespread in our cultures nowadays. Different factors could explain this issue; two of which include diet and emotions.

How can osteopathy help to relieve constipation?

In osteopathy we are working with the whole body; bones, muscles, fascia, viscera, and the skull… Different visceral techniques can help give more mobility to your colon, relieve adhesions in tissue, give more balance to the colic frame, check the mobility of your intestine and rebalance different fascia, which your organs are attached to.

It’s important to balance the pelvis and the spine (especially the lumbar spine and neck). Why ? Because digestive nerves and all the neurovascular bundles emerge from the junction between your neck and skull and from your lower back as well. You can easily imagine, if these areas are constricted,  your nerves are compressed and the right signals don’t get to your digestive system, limiting their mobility.

Why are areas in your body locked?

Lots of factors could explain it! Diet, emotions, stress …

For babies, the culprit is often a difficult delivery: if you were in labour for a an extended time and your baby stayed in your pelvis for a while, all their skull bones would have been locked... which can result in digestive issues down the road!

Sometimes mother’s diet could be responsible as well (especially if you breast feed your baby).

A big fall or a motor vehicle accident can also create this kind of disorder.

What can I do to improve my digestive issues?

-Drink lots of water ! Hydratation is a huge help for bowel movements !

-Eat some vegetables and fruits ! (fiber+++)

-Osteopathic manual practitioners are able to treat patients from babies to the elderly, so book an appointment as soon as possible to fix it!

-Add a stool under your feet when you go to the bathroom (please refer to the links/videos below)

Below are links about constipation and positions to adopt on the toilet (the last one is the funniest to watch with your children and explains it very simply!)

Justine Gapihan is on osteopathic manual practitioner who treats a variety of complaints. From sprains and strains to digestive issues, postural strain and more. She has experience treating infants and children. You can learn more about Justine on her practitioner profile.